3rd Nerathi Legion

Of Fallcrest and Foot-races

the 3rd clears the Tombswood

Having arrived in the beautiful sprawling city of Fallcrest our adventurers seeks out String (whom they find deep, deep under cover as a “Bard”) to receive their orders. They soon discover that there is to be a Foot-race held in the city and that the winner of this race is given a 400g prize purse, drinks for the day and held as a champion for a day!

Deciding that as their short term goal in the city was to drum up some attention for the legion and perhaps even inspire some to join-up; the trio set out to investigate possible paths through the city in an attempt to find an edge.

Instead they hear of the fate of a runner who was taken by something in the Tombswood. Duncan Reed (wet blanket) was determined to discover the cause of the runners disappearance and cleanse the Tombswood. And so our adventurers set out to find the body of the long-lost runner and instead discovered a tomb literally overflowing with evil, flame throwing skeletons, swarms of rats, the works!

Finding a secret chamber under the tomb they also found the body of the long-dead runner and returned him to the city’s temple of Erathis (again, only due to the constant complaining and kvetching of Duncan Reed), where in they met Maker (a Warforged cleric of Erathis), and returned to their Inn to discover that they had become a small sort of local celebrity and that Sting had drunk himself into a mild comma.

With the rest of the day left to spend what would they do next?



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