3rd Nerathi Legion

Of Cults and Ant Swarms

The 3rd heads for Fallcrest

Having settled things for the rest of the legion, our intrepid adventurers are dispatched to the city of Fallcrest to report to String (legion musician, and all around fun guy to be with) for further orders.

However before our brave explorers could reach Fallcrest they found themselves called out by Cultists in a small village along the way. Ignoring the jabs and slurs thrown at them by the crazies the continued on until they found the very same cultists stuck in a large sink-hole on the road out of town, being swarmed with giant ants!

Doing what they knew was right, the 3rd went about attempting a rescue effort, but were only repaid with hostility and distrust. Discovering that the cultists were being used as puppets by an evil artifact (most likely the prison of an evil force) our noble fighting force dispatched cultists ants and evil artifact in one long-running battle and set up a warning for other travelers of the ants sink-hole and continued on their way to Fallcrest.

Stay tuned.



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