3rd Nerathi Legion

Kicking Ass and Taking Outfits.

This teamwork thing is kinda cool!

Preparatory to the Legion’s assault on Kiris Dahn, the team is charged with clearing out a watchtower on the outskirts of town.

Hu Mi’s acting skills are highlighted as she bluffs her way into a series of dangerous situations.

On the first level, while posing as a hobgoblin, she hands Big Grigbad a clockwork bomb, which takes out a bunch of Goblin Cutters when it blows.

After the rest of the cutters and Grigbad are taken down, she poses as Grigbad on the lext floor, drawing out a pair of Sharpshooters from their ambush position, before a Hexer sees through his act. While clearing the level, Crag discovers the joy of falling when he charges across a ramshackle floor.

Hu Mi then poses as the Hexer and “retreats” upstairs to warn the last holdouts of their imminent doom at the hands of the Severed Eye orcs. Her position behind the defenders allows her teammates to roust the last of the goblins and their leaders.

The following day, while the Legion moves on the town’s gates, the team slips in the back and catch Hu-Jat in his lair, decapitating (literally) the goblin leadership. Hu Mi’s impersonation of a bullying orc backfires, as the goblins are still angry at the way they were recently pushed around by the Severed Eye during their search for the Slaying Stone. Nevertheless, Hu-Jat was slain and his guards scattered.



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