3rd Nerathi Legion

Alas, Poor Thag

Goblins, Schmoblins... those rats are dynamite!

Continuing their scouting of Kiris Dahn, the party works toward the Hot Springs.

Avoiding a large party of Goblins, they take shelter in another temple (Erathis), where they encounter a single Orc who is scarred with a similar brand around the eye, though a non-blinding version. She also possessed a crude drawing of the Slaying Stone.

In the lower levels of the temple, they are set upon by a pair of stirges and several swarms of rats. Sir Thag’s fine armor proves little help against the vermin and parasites, and he is slain.

The rest of the party soldiers on, finding themselves in the presence of a mighty (and enormous) Brass Dragon. She takes a liking to them and allows them to take the Slaying Stone away, upon their promise to destroy it. She even provides a distraction while they leave town with it.

Returning to Treona’s tower, they send a report to the Captain and stay at the tower while Treona researches a means of destroying the Stone.

Cpl. Duncan Reed arrives with orders for the party to hold tight until the Legion arrives.

The next day, a party of Severed Eye Orcs attacks the tower and nearly make off with the Stone, but are eventually defeated by the party.



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