3rd Nerathi Legion

Enter the Circle
The Race is Run

Setting out from the Silver Unicorn our adventurers think that they might investigate another route. After confronting a flock of urchins and a bit of fun discovering that in fact they were being followed by agents of another competitor in the race, the Gnome! (Gozungas?) Having sent the urchins home a little bit richer the 3rd set out to seek another route. Following the City wall along the eastern side of the city (after securing the aid of some wall guards in a possible short-cut) they came across a small storehouse being (seemingly) guarded, they were told to leave, after an attempt to simply pass through, the 3rd was left no choice but to battle through the “guards”.

Once finished with the “guards” the 3rd was set-upon by the actual city guards and escorted to the Keep to be held until judged. Reviewing what they knew our adventurers all recalled that the fake guards (who were attempting to steal supplies from a storehouse) all had hammered Iron rings upon their right hands; and that one had mentioned “The Circle”.

After a brief meeting with the city’s Lord the 3rd was sent back to the Silver Unicorn where they rested until the morning. That night they dispatched String into the city to buy-off some fisherman to establish a boat-bridge across the river to help Mighty Craig with his attempt at the race. In the morning the 3rd set out to the city gate.

At the gate Duncan (by chance) noticed that three of his fellow runners all had bands of lighter skin on their right ring fingers, following a hunch he decided not to run the race, but to follow the trio of conspicuous runners.

The Bell rung and the gate rising Crag & Telly bolted for the river as Duncan chased the trio in the the city proper. As Crag crossed the river and Telly rescued an Elvish runner, Duncan followed the Trio as they split up (following two of them up some cliffs to a cave). Crag made amazing time up the far side of the bank and up the cliff face, as Telly back-tracked back into the city and noticed one of the trio of runners and gave chase.

Duncan meanwhile had called out the two conspirators at the cave mouth and after a short scramble for a knife cut his losses and headed into the cave to stop the other runner who was heading into the darkness. Crag, way ahead of the crowd rung a bell and headed back into the city. The knife fight in the cave came to an end (one of the trio of runners telling that the Circle shall tighten around your throat) as Telly caught up to Duncan and splitting up again Duncan saw to the binding and holding of the prisoners while Telly investigated the caves (only to discover that they connected to the tomb discovered in the Tombswood the day before).

Crag was making amazing progress and was running down the the last leg of the race. Telly watched as runners passed the tomb the Gnome among them and seemingly surprised at the lack of assailants, the 3rd man which had gone missing showed back up and Telly gave chase, and Duncan headed into the cave to stumble around in the darkness.

Crag, the Half-Orc, a Town guard, and the Gnome all launched their assault upon the mage tower as Craig tripped a booby trap, but still managed to be 1/2 was up the tower before anyone could reach it, noting that the Gnome seemed prepared for the smoke bomb that went off. Telly followed her runner to a stable where he stole a horse and rand like smoke and oakum! Crag managed to dodge the Gnome’s tricks and made it to the top reaching out and throwing the Gnomes’ shortcomings in his face! Overcome with victory Crag danced atop the tower the Lord of the city and town guards watching as the Gnome beneath everyone’s notice produced a poisoned blade and attacked the Lord Warden, injuring him badly.

A town guard running the race, named Garth, launched an attack against the Gnome and the pair of them tumbled from the tower and fell to their deaths. The Lord Warden injured (possibly for life), and the city celebrating with a mixed bag of victory and mourning our adventurers return to the Inn a few hundred gold richer, but feeling uneasy at the discovery of such a conspiracy and wondering of this Circle that seems ever-present and malicious.

Of Fallcrest and Foot-races
the 3rd clears the Tombswood

Having arrived in the beautiful sprawling city of Fallcrest our adventurers seeks out String (whom they find deep, deep under cover as a “Bard”) to receive their orders. They soon discover that there is to be a Foot-race held in the city and that the winner of this race is given a 400g prize purse, drinks for the day and held as a champion for a day!

Deciding that as their short term goal in the city was to drum up some attention for the legion and perhaps even inspire some to join-up; the trio set out to investigate possible paths through the city in an attempt to find an edge.

Instead they hear of the fate of a runner who was taken by something in the Tombswood. Duncan Reed (wet blanket) was determined to discover the cause of the runners disappearance and cleanse the Tombswood. And so our adventurers set out to find the body of the long-lost runner and instead discovered a tomb literally overflowing with evil, flame throwing skeletons, swarms of rats, the works!

Finding a secret chamber under the tomb they also found the body of the long-dead runner and returned him to the city’s temple of Erathis (again, only due to the constant complaining and kvetching of Duncan Reed), where in they met Maker (a Warforged cleric of Erathis), and returned to their Inn to discover that they had become a small sort of local celebrity and that Sting had drunk himself into a mild comma.

With the rest of the day left to spend what would they do next?

Of Cults and Ant Swarms
The 3rd heads for Fallcrest

Having settled things for the rest of the legion, our intrepid adventurers are dispatched to the city of Fallcrest to report to String (legion musician, and all around fun guy to be with) for further orders.

However before our brave explorers could reach Fallcrest they found themselves called out by Cultists in a small village along the way. Ignoring the jabs and slurs thrown at them by the crazies the continued on until they found the very same cultists stuck in a large sink-hole on the road out of town, being swarmed with giant ants!

Doing what they knew was right, the 3rd went about attempting a rescue effort, but were only repaid with hostility and distrust. Discovering that the cultists were being used as puppets by an evil artifact (most likely the prison of an evil force) our noble fighting force dispatched cultists ants and evil artifact in one long-running battle and set up a warning for other travelers of the ants sink-hole and continued on their way to Fallcrest.

Stay tuned.

The Battle for Stone Creek.
A Tale of Young Duncan Reed

The Goblins had been raiding the fields south of Stone Creek for the better part of four years, the majority of young Duncan Reed’s life at that point. His father and brothers had formed a party and youngest son Duncan had been left to keep an eye on the farm and the forest line in the western hills. They were where the Goblins would run to or from and if there was to be action that day that is where it would most likely be held.

For his own part, young Duncan hadn’t wanted to stay behind, he had wanted to go with them, to carry his father’s things, to joke and play with his brothers, but this was no time for playing, this was a hunt, and Duncan was still too little to fire a proper bow, or swing a weapon with any real force. He was destined to be a lookout. He was fated to watch.

Hours passed and what started with sharp eyes and keen ears all bent on the possible dangers of the forests and hills slid slowly into a new sort of focus; an inner attention to detail. Duncan Reed sat on a large log half-drowned in Stone Creek and had such daydreams.

The earliest few were of the battle he would have taken part in; of him, swinging his club into the faces of goblins. Soon he imagined the family’s evening meal later that night. He heard his brothers squeal about his honor an his power and his father would smile and look upon him lovingly and his sisters and mother would all favor young Duncan with smiles and kisses upon the cheeks. He saw further on, seeing himself as a man, tall, broad, strong as his father. No. Stronger. He saw himself a soldier, a knight maybe, he knew that he was meant for great things.
And lost as he was in the future’s dreams and his own potential, he was caught completely unawares when the first of the Goblin raiders came stomping up the creek with his father’s bloodied staff in hand.

Young Duncan would remember very little of the fight that came soon thereafter. He would in fact be found unconscious amidst a collection of no less than five Goblins. He was slick with mud, and had a few river stones seemingly stuck to him, his hand had become tangled in a river weed and his club had been lost, a piece of driftwood in his hand instead. All five of the goblins were dead. the entire population of that creek seemed to have fallen prey to some sort of natural disaster; everyone’s clothes were soaked, many had become entangled in vines and maybe even choked on them. All died at day in the creek, all but young Duncan.

When his father and brothers found him, and brought him home, and told their tale of falling victim to a goblin trap, and how though captured they still managed to break their bonds and scare off the goblins only to find them then all dead under the body of young Duncan; though they be damned to figure out how little mud-slicked Duncan managed to survive their assault, let alone bring down their party.

The rest of Duncan’s childhood was very different from his first few years. He spent many hours a day playing at swords and shields with his brothers, and many more than that with his father learning to track and forage. He had little time for games with other children; for his was a path of greatness. He was to be a soldier. Eventually he took up the piecemeal armor his family was able to scrape together, and with a shield and hammer made for him he set out to enlist in the first strong or worthy company he could find.

That was some years ago, and while he has since learned of the great power that had awakened in him there in that shady little creek, he still remembers the fear that grasped his heart looking out on that party of Goblins, and the joy and love that was showered upon him with his waking.

The fear would always be there. But he knew, it would always be worth it at the end of the day. Fear meant little when the defense of his family was on the line. Fear means nothing when you’re protecting something important.

Kicking Ass and Taking Outfits.
This teamwork thing is kinda cool!

Preparatory to the Legion’s assault on Kiris Dahn, the team is charged with clearing out a watchtower on the outskirts of town.

Hu Mi’s acting skills are highlighted as she bluffs her way into a series of dangerous situations.

On the first level, while posing as a hobgoblin, she hands Big Grigbad a clockwork bomb, which takes out a bunch of Goblin Cutters when it blows.

After the rest of the cutters and Grigbad are taken down, she poses as Grigbad on the lext floor, drawing out a pair of Sharpshooters from their ambush position, before a Hexer sees through his act. While clearing the level, Crag discovers the joy of falling when he charges across a ramshackle floor.

Hu Mi then poses as the Hexer and “retreats” upstairs to warn the last holdouts of their imminent doom at the hands of the Severed Eye orcs. Her position behind the defenders allows her teammates to roust the last of the goblins and their leaders.

The following day, while the Legion moves on the town’s gates, the team slips in the back and catch Hu-Jat in his lair, decapitating (literally) the goblin leadership. Hu Mi’s impersonation of a bullying orc backfires, as the goblins are still angry at the way they were recently pushed around by the Severed Eye during their search for the Slaying Stone. Nevertheless, Hu-Jat was slain and his guards scattered.

Alas, Poor Thag
Goblins, Schmoblins... those rats are dynamite!

Continuing their scouting of Kiris Dahn, the party works toward the Hot Springs.

Avoiding a large party of Goblins, they take shelter in another temple (Erathis), where they encounter a single Orc who is scarred with a similar brand around the eye, though a non-blinding version. She also possessed a crude drawing of the Slaying Stone.

In the lower levels of the temple, they are set upon by a pair of stirges and several swarms of rats. Sir Thag’s fine armor proves little help against the vermin and parasites, and he is slain.

The rest of the party soldiers on, finding themselves in the presence of a mighty (and enormous) Brass Dragon. She takes a liking to them and allows them to take the Slaying Stone away, upon their promise to destroy it. She even provides a distraction while they leave town with it.

Returning to Treona’s tower, they send a report to the Captain and stay at the tower while Treona researches a means of destroying the Stone.

Cpl. Duncan Reed arrives with orders for the party to hold tight until the Legion arrives.

The next day, a party of Severed Eye Orcs attacks the tower and nearly make off with the Stone, but are eventually defeated by the party.

Enter Kiris Dahn
Wolves are tough! Wererats are tougher!

February 20, 2011

Roll Call:
Crag, Sir Thag, Tellorda, and Hu Mi.

Our heroes, the advance team for the recently-devastated 3rd Nerathi Legion, are charged with reconnoitering the goblin-held town of Kiris Dahn.

Step one: contact Treona, former ritualist of Kiris Dahn for intelligence on the town.

Wolves attack the party out side Treona’s tower, nearly drag off the mighty Crag.

Treona gives party map of town and warns that one of the fabled Slaying Stones may still be in existence.

The party infiltrates the town, makes their way to the library and after a bit of a scuffle, discover the former hiding place of the 9th Slaying Stone. Decide to next investigate the hot springs, a place from which goblins don’t return.

On the way, they are drawn into the desecrated temple of Sehanine and meet Kiris Hoyt, last Lord of Kiris Dahn.

The meeting is interrupted by a group of ratman-hunting goblins. Turns out Hoyt suffers from a curse of lycanthropy.

A fierce three-way running fight ensues, leaving Crag once again badly gnawed and possibly diseased.


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